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Hi, I’m Josh, a London-based wildlife artist. Sustainability is at the heart of my practice, and I use recycled cardboard to create life-size animal sculptures. The accessibility and versatility of cardboard with its​ many tones and textures, allows me to capture unique details and raw emotion, all whilst creating zero waste. 


Animals have always been a central theme in my artwork. Inspired by my extensive travels and volunteering through Asia, East Africa, and South America, I have sought to capture the presence of some of the most majestic animals I have seen in the wild.


It's my ambition to raise awareness for endangered species through my art and contribute to their preservation.


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Art Ambassador for Helping Rhinos - donating artwork to help protect critically endangered rhino and the wild landscapes in which the rhino, and a myriad of other wildlife thrives.

2023 – Josh’s solo show ‘Trafficked’ aims to shine a light on the world's most trafficked animals and the threats facing them today. The illegal wildlife trade is decimating wildlife populations across the globe. Many of the animals we love are being poached and trafficked to extinction. ‘Trafficked’ supported WWF by donating 10% of sales to their incredible efforts to end the illegal wildlife trade.

2022 – Josh’s solo show ‘Africa’ Supported Born Free by donating 10% of all sales to their fantastic conservation efforts. 2022 was Born Free's 'Year of the Lion' and throughout the year they aimed to help halt the devastating decline in Wild Lions and campaign for the welfare of lions exploited in zoos, circuses and as pets.



Read Josh's Colossal Article:  Expressive Portraits Emerge from Pieces of Cardboard in Josh Gluckstein’s Wildlife Sculptures

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